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A 100 Lives Transformed by X-mas 2019, Are You In?

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This Mission literally chose me, not the other way round you guys!
(I feel a bit like Tommy Cruise accepting the Mission Impossible) 😅
So I am extremely pumped, excited, honoured and a bit nervous too, to be the vessel for this #a100womenproject but I am also pretty damn humbled by the thought of just how BIG this really is.

The memo aka Soul-Download is clear:

>> To help and support 100 WOMEN (boss babes) transform their soul-driven business and finally create the impact in the world they came here for. Women supporting women, lifting each other up one by one.
Enabling them to start into 2020 with purpose, passion and flow!


The way this is going down is this:
Each woman woman will receive a completely free breakthrough session with me, between October and Christmas 2019 - no strings attached.
Where we will…

  • Recode the mind for massive impact

  • Extract that unique *Soul Blueprint and get it onto paper to follow through on

*Soul Blueprint. Each one of us is born with a unique guidance system that knows exactly what our true calling or purpose is and how to bring it to life. Together we will dig this baby up and extract it from your soul for you to follow. No cut and paste marketing bs - but your unique roadmap to the life you know is available to you.

Who is this for?

This is obviously not for everyone, here are a few criterias you must meet to be selected as a part of the 100 women project. I am looking at you, the driven one, who take success as your only option, willing to do the work until it works! I am not here to hold hands, I am here to kick your 🍑-ass, baby!
If you are at a fu** this shit point, done procrastinating, ready to uplevel and back yourself like your hair’s on fire, then I want to see you applying for this, right away.

  1. You are already in business but you are not seeing the results you desire yet.

  2. You know your mindset plays a huge role in your success but somehow you feel stuck.

  3. You already made a few sales, (this shows me you are committed)

  4. You are a coach, healer, lightworker, yogi, creative, messenger or artist with a business lead by passion and purpose. This is open to women globally.

  5. If you don’t have a business yet but this speaks to you, then still apply. Read QnA at bottom of this page.

Got your name on it? 🙋🏻


Who am I?

Hi, well done for reading this far, the 100 women project obvy got your attention, love it!

I am Sabrina, your modern guide + Mentor ascending you into your highest and most magnetic version of yourself.
driven boss-babes and leaders with purpose are my kinda people! I am an Aries who lives on coconut lattes and avo toast.

Quickly and elegantly guiding you to your core truth and purpose is a real super power I have. Working with me tends to bu fun, intense and transformative on all cylinders. For women like you and me, there is no such thing as life and business separation, it’s all one and no topic is off limits, we go deep, fast.

Mindset work is as much on the table as practical tech and biz strategies (soul aligned only, of course).

Image: Tracie Heasman Styling: Bridget Millward, Kristel Lindfield

Image: Tracie Heasman
Styling: Bridget Millward, Kristel Lindfield


Sabrina, you are such a special combo of safe space and rocketship to the stars.. knowing you makes me feel less alone, less crazy, and ever-more inspired.
— Jenna S.
Sabrina provided so much more than just the traditional business mentoring and I can’t thank her enough for having such a positive impact on my direction. Sabrina mentored me through my fears and anxiety of moving forward in my business. She helped me to break my goals into manageable steps and supported and encouraged me to take a huge leap of faith to quit my part-time bread & butter job. Leaping into my own business full-time I have never looked back.
— Justine L.


What now?

Ok, there are really only two things that need to happen from here,

  1. Either your cells are on fire right now and you are excited to be one of the hundred amazing women who get to experience this incredible transformation, in which case apply right now!

  2. And, or, you are super excited to help me spread this message and reach this crazy as goal of transforming a 100 lives by X-mas 2019, then share this link widely and wildly!

Either way, BE PART OF AN INCREDIBLE PROJECT AND MISSION THAT HAS MASSIVE POSITIVE IMPACT on the future of light workers in business, the 100 women project.

Working with Sabrina has been amazing for me and getting my business on the right path. In such a short space of time, I gained so much clarity and confidence about what I’m doing and this made me more excited to get into the creative making side again. Sabrina is a wealth of business knowledge but she is sensitive to you as a person, I love the way that she has helped me to fit the business into the rest of my life instead of the other way around.
She is an absolute blessing and will change your life!
— Kristen C.

I really feel I’m ready to step up, do the work and take things to the next level with myself on a personal level and in my coaching biz. I feel coaching is something that I’m called to do. To help people navigate to where they want to be and creating a ripple effect. Even completing this form I feel more empowered being part of this group.
— Lee G.
A 100 women project, transforming one live at the time. - Sabrina Weber
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Thank you for being part of this incredible project and mission, ripples of change create waves of impact!

The hundred women project by Sabrina Weber

Please tag me on your Insta posts, @iamsabrinaweber and use the #a100womenproject tag when sharing.

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Who can qualify?

- This is for women who are coaches, healers, lightworkers, yogis, pilates trainers, personal trainers etc, creatives, messengers or artists with a business lead by passion and purpose. Woman who want to create positive impact with their work.
- If you are unsure, just apply anyway and I will let you know. >> If this is calling your heart it probably is for you!

what if my business has not launched yet?

- Generally speaking this is for those who already took the leap and are COMMITTED. however there are always exceptions! I am giving you the option to pitch yourself in the application form so go for it and convince me ;)

Is this for New Zealand only?

-No, this project is open to women globally.
The free TRANSFORMATION session will be held via Skype.

When will I receive my transformation session?

-assuming your application is successful, you will receive access to my CALENDAR and a prompt to book a time and date that works for you. Sessions will be held between October and December 2019, however they could be extended into Jan, 2020 if needed.

Is this really free?

- Yes it is, crazy I know!
This is a free in private skype session with me (sabrina). you can expect to walk away with a clear roadmap and next steps to take in your business as well as a totally recoded mindset for success, we’ll bring the queen out in you. You will have the option to leave it there or take me up on any of the incredible offers and secret modules that will be available to women from the - 100 women project - exclusively, these however do have a price tag and are completely optional.

Is there an age limit?

-You must be over 18 years of age.

How do you decide if my application is successful?

-Pretty simple really, i want to see a woman who is COMMITTED to her dreams, ready to do what it takes until it takes.