Ready to do life & business in a way that empowers you and is driven by soul?

If you hit the about tab to read up on my ‘rockbottom’ story, sorry, I don’t really have one. Have I face-planted heaps? Hell yes! But that’s not why I am here with you right now and it’s kinda not relevant, I know that you and I are connecting today because we are old soul friends. Like magnets we have drifted towards each other and finally collided again on the same vibrational level.

Like you, I always knew that fitting in and doing all the human things was not really my thing and I have been chasing freedom ever since. You know what I mean, that freedom of choice right? It’s what keeps us going.
Working with soul aligned woman from across the globe, supporting them in getting their message out there and kicking their booties back into true alignment is what lights me up AF. Together we can be the lightworkers and rise the vibration as a collective.

You in or what?!

'Sabrina, you are such a special combo of safe space and rocketship to the stars.. knowing you makes me feel less alone, less crazy, and ever-more inspired.' - Jenna S.
Sabrina, you are such a special combo of safe space and rocketship to the stars.. knowing you makes me feel less alone, less crazy, and ever-more inspired.
— Jenna S.

This beautiful piece by Sundaylane tells you all you need to know about me.

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Sabrina Weber, motivational mindset and business coach

My superpowers are mindset & manifestation, energy shifting and bridging the gap between woo woo and down to earth action.
I am a big thinker, visionary and risk taker, let’s team up!

Sabrina provided so much more than just the traditional business mentoring and I can’t thank her enough for having such a positive impact on my direction. Sabrina mentored me through my fears and anxiety of moving forward in my business. She helped me to break my goals into manageable steps and supported and encouraged me to take a huge leap of faith to quit my part-time bread & butter job. Leaping into my own business full-time I have never looked back. In less than the 8-week programme, Sabrina helped me to optimize my website’s key messages call’s to action, redesigned my service portfolio and encouraged me to value my services. I never expected to achieve so much in such a short space of time.

Sabrina has real business insight and her own creative experience enables her to really get involved and give practical help. As a result, I am loving seeing the huge benefits of self-employment. Sabrina has enabled me to approach problems and issues from a different perspective, which from my perspective proves our time together has been successful!
— Justine Laidlaw