ascension - calling in all of it!

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5 weeks of Recoding & Soul Shifting to finally let go of outdated stories and struggles that are literally blocking you from breaking through right now. You know you are meant for more, there is a whole other dimension to your lifestyle and business that you know you’re supposed to draw in already! BUT HOW??

this is Your Portal to 5th Dimensional Life & Business Success.

To my fellow Light-workers, Soul-Lead Healers, Messengers and Artists. I acknowledge you for your bravery to step into your truth and claim the Powerful Gift you have been born with. I am so fucking excited and a little bit nervous to be honest with you, to present; ASCENSION - Your Portal to 5th Dimensional Life & Business Success! This offer is bursting out of me, writing itself, I am literally sitting here at my dining table watching in slight disbelieve as my fingers are frantically rushing across the keyboard of my Mac, writing this message to you.

Let me just say this; if ASCENSION caught your attention right now and you FEEL CALLED TO SAY YES. Then please don’t let fear get to you lovely. You are ready to rise, you are ready to ascend and finally step into the QUEEN you damn well are!

See, I believe that life should feel easy and taking action in your business can come from divine guidance rather than engineered hustle. Note, I am not saying there is no action to be taken! However it is indeed possible for it all to flow with ease and a sense of certainty rather than fear and anxiety, agree?

I literally have butterflies in my belly as I am welcoming you into ASCENSION. This is THE MOST POWERFUL program that has come through me so far for sure. If you have done any of programs before you’ll know that it’s always a co-creation between us, so while I am making sure I to create the space needed for this program to fully download itself into my reality, I am also wildly aware and EXCITED about the fact that there is room for mystery and magic to be revealed as we go…

Look, the fact that you are still reading tells me that you are EXACTLY in the right place, that ASCENSION is indeed for YOU.

You are a powerful, soul-driven leader here to rise up UNAPOLOGETICALLY. This next level that you are about to step into has nothing to do with yet another funnel hack or marketing systems, of course not!

ASCENSION is all about implementing the 5th Dimension into your daily lifestyle and business activities which will accelerate you into the most powerful and magnetic version of yourself.

It’s the one piece of the puzzle

you have been


I know, because I have done this myself for years.

The only true and authentic way for women like US to experience true joy and a sense of expansiveness is to say yes to soul.

Yes to being you.

Yes to shine your light.

Yes to the woo woo and mystical parts.

Yes to the power that you always knew was there.

The ONE THING for you to really pay attention to right now is this:

Even though you always knew that there is more and that you are meant to be wealthy in ALL areas of your life.

You still have to take the damn action and actually CLAIM IT.

It’s never too late,

until it is.

Let’s dive in!

And no, rising like the damn queen you are is NOT ARROGANT. In fact if you are not saying a hell of a fucking yes to ALL THAT YOU ARE then you are stripping the world of the magic that is meant to come through you. You playing small is what’s arrogant, you playing small and keeping your magic to yourself is what sucks. Like you have this epic cake but not sharing it with anyone!!

I’ve let go of my past need to catastrophizing, I’ve taken control of my health and reconnected with my body and my femininity, I’m allowing things to happen. Less push and more receiving. And the acceptance of being exactly where I am meant to be.
— F. Kasper

Ok, ok. I guess I should also tell you a bit about what we will actually be doing together in these 5 weeks.

  1. What it actually means to implement the 5th dimension

  2. Surrender and allow your higher self to take over

  3. Becoming an energetic match for your desires aka be fucking magnetic

  4. Nurturing your human body and soul like the damn queen you are, your cup must be full in order to hold such powers

  5. Recoding & manipulating our default

Those trainings are backed up by additional audios, written prompts and worksheets to take you deeper.


You are now purchasing the replay version of this course at a reduced price of course.

And as always, you can of course private message me with any questions you might still have or to request a payment plan.

One last thing lovely, I want you to remember that you ARE SUPPORTED no matter how hard it may feel at times. Aligned action always pays off in divine timing. The simple fact that you are here and reading to the end, leaves me pretty certain that we are soul mates with a connection that goes way back I WANT TO HELP YOU REMEMBER WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE AND WHAT IS INDEED AVAILABLE TO YOU.

I am so, so excited to spend this journey with you, it will be a wild ride for sure!

In Love, Sabrina xx