10 Signs you are actually a Creative Messenger and not an Entrepreneur in the first place.

You might not be an entrepreneur!

1) You work best under pressure, you need deadlines in order to actually get shit done.

2) Your default is Intuitive Flow, you are at your best if you can take action right when inspiration hits.

3) You can’t for the life of it follow a schedule or list, I know you tried!

4) Social Media Calendar? Nope! How could you possibly know what you want to say or share three days from now?!

5) Counting followers or sales is really not your thing, in fact you’d probably keep going even if no-one cared about or bought your stuff. It’s like your Soul makes you do it.

6) In your friends circle you are the Oracle, people come to you for guidance and sometimes just to be in your presence! You often find yourself saying things you don’t even know where it came from or why you said it but it was perfect!

7) Your work needs to have a higher purpose otherwise you are not feeling fulfilled.

8) You are an introvert. Alone time is crucial for your wellbeing and energy levels.

9) Networking events give you the chills!

10) If something ‘feels’ right you will always find a way to make it happen.

My goodness, can you relate to any or all of the above? I know right!? 🙋🏻

It literally took me years to figure this out, I never felt completely comfortable calling myself an Entrepreneur even tho from the outside I can see why this would seem like the right box to put me in.

The thing is people like us, we become entrepreneurs in the process, it’s a means to an end.

A true entrepreneur thrives on the numbers game, playing with ads, split testing, engineering, scheduling… The thrill is in the money making and fine-tuning, bigger, better, faster, smarter.
Nothing wrong with this at all by the way but it’s not how we roll, is it?

For years I tried to squeeze myself into that box and do all the things ‘properly’.

The result? Some money, some success but mostly frustration and feeling lost. It was trying to be someone I am not, once I’ve let go of the idea that I needed to provide a proper process or blueprint to my clients and allowed things to be easy and flow and my way, guess what, it became sooo much easier and fun again!

Bottom Line?

Do things your way, allow for it to be easy.

Breathe and let go of the so called rules of the internet.

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