16 things successful women in the wellness industry are doing differently

habits of the most successful women

I wanna share something with you today, that I have been observing.

I enjoy "stalking" the pros! I mean I really like studying the people I look up to, people who create positive change and success for themselves, FAST.

I have been attracting quite a few women into my life lately, who have achieved millionaire status, it's incredible. I notice some definite things they all have in common and that I could not see in the people who are just getting by.

After all, we can not keep doing what we do and expect different results, #amiright ?

16 habits of highly successful women.png

1. They make decisions fast
2. They accept failure as part of the process
3. They know what they want and have a vision that is crystal clear
4. They take consistent action
5. They are in control and aware of their thoughts and emotions
6. They have a no BS policy
7. They work really hard on themselves
8. They work smart and employ others to do the tasks they do not enjoy or are not good at so that they can focus their own time and energy on the things they are the best at.
9. They know the importance and value of having a private life
10. They have boundaries and stick to them
11. They make big investments in their business and themselves, usually in the 6 & 7 figure range
12. They likely work longer hours than you think but have the freedom to choose when that is
13. They don't waste energy in negativity
14. They think really big and never take their eyes off the prize
15. They know exactly why they do what they do and are unapologetic about their big goals
16. They have a no excuses policy

Can you see it? 
Defining these clear distinctions really help me see where I need to uplevel if I wanted to join their club! Are you coming with me?

What areas can you see yourself needing to uplevel?

I learned to let go of comparing myself but instead, I am sending those people an energetic "thank you" note, for showing me what is possible! 

Tony Robbins said that most people underestimate what they can achieve in 10 years but overestimate what they can do in 1 year.

This really stuck with me, we tend to want success really fast and change our life from broke to millionaire in lightspeed, then we get frustrated as it does not happen and we give up, it's sad. Time + consistency = success!

Adopt a millionaire mindset and go after your big vision, now!