How to switch off when working from home

How to switch off from work

I seriously am in a pure state of bliss right now as I am writing this post not only for you but also as a reminder for myself. I am on day 1 of a full weekend by myself, just me re-charging, watching girls movies, drinking tea and wearing messy hear! It's the perfect time to share this message with you...

Working from home is my choice and I would not want it any other way BUT it is way harder to switch off at the end of the day than it might be for our fellow office goers since there is no change of scenery or commuting time. Work is always present, work is a huge part of my life(style), my heart and soul are invested in it. Social media is a major player and ever present at my fingertips!

I am lucky to have a husband who kindly reminds me when I go beyond the boundaries we agreed on. Like weekends and evenings are for us and not work! I strongly suggest you create such boundaries for yourself whether you have a partner or not, do it for you. Nourish your soul with adventures, books, relaxation, family, nature, art...
you are more than work. 

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But how do we do it? 
How exactly can we switch off and stay off??

The key is to design a ritual for yourself, a routine that you can do most days and really enjoy. It will help your mind to switch off and indicates a change of mood to your body and soul, supporting your cells to wind down and relax. Decide on a time a day where you turn off all your tech toys and dive into your ritual...

Here are a few elements I have found really helpful, you can do just one or combine them. Come up with your own and share them with us! 

+ Go for a walk in nature

+ Play your favourite music while you tidy up the house and make sure your home really does feel like your sanctuary

+ Light beautiful candles

+ Journal about the things you are proud of and grateful for instead of worrying about the things you did not get done that day

+ Cook a nice meal, maybe have friends over

+ Slip into something luxe

+ Take a bath

+ Meditate and move your body

+ Change your outfit and switch from entrepreneur to goddess