3 crucial things you need as a newbie business owner

three things you must do as a new business owner!

If you miss these key ingredients to your pie, it simply won't rise!

Look I feel for you, I really do. Starting a business is overwhelming at it's best! A ton of contradicting information and advice, paired with insecurity and fear just does not go that well.

It's like one day you are on this high horse, cells are exploding of excitement at the possibilities and freedom you will create for yourself...

The next day? #faceplant, you feel like a deflated balloon that just awkwardly bombed through the kitchen, bouncing off the walls.

You take action daily, working hard for your dreams but somehow it feels like your steps become heavier and heavier with each passing week and although you are doing allthethings, momentum is picking up very slowly...

Sound familiar?
Welcome to the world of being your own boss! Yeiiii  | HA!

Take a look at these three things and check in with yourself, are you implementing these already?
If not, this will be your urgent focus for the next few weeks.

  1. You need a strategy.
    Know how much money you need to make each month and what needs to happen in your business to meet that goal.
  2. Are you on BFF status with your target audience aka soulmate clients?
    You need to know exactly who will buy from you and why.
  3. Is your website a hellyeah or a sad mess?!
    Your website is like a shop window, it needs to be inviting and instantly resonate with your dream clients if not, you are losing money!

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