5 Tips for Airbnb hosting success

How to become an airbnb superhost

Sam and I absolutely looove hosting on Airbnb.

It’s the people we meet, the stories we hear and ways of doing life. I am always feeling inspired and grateful to have met whoever has just stayed with us and frankly, we are super aware of the fact that our home is a pretty special place. Naturally we want to share it!

And let’s be real, it’s nice to receive emails that say your Airbnb payout is $____ !

Here are 5 tips you can implement right away that will improve your Airbnb hosting experience. Or give you a great headstart if you are just starting out!

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  1. Use nice photos in your listing. Kind of a no-brainer but I see it all the time, blurry photos and messy rooms. Take the time to arrange things and style your space before taking a photo.

  2. Have at least two sets of sheets ready, this way you will not have a mad rush with washing and drying at guest changeover times.

  3. Think about the details, placing a jug of fresh water and a little welcome chocolate or cookie in the room will make a great impression.

  4. Go the extra mile. Think of extras you can offer such as beach towels & umbrella or bicycles, kayaks… for guests to use.

  5. We also offer our guests to eat healthy home-cooked meals with us (at an extra cost). This is often greatly appreciated and provides a fabulous socialicing opportunity.
    Our guests often point out that they felt like they just stayed with friends vs random people and I think the shared meals are the main reason for this.

There you go. Implement these five tips right away and watch your Airbnb income grow! Or start your Airbnb listing today.

Are you offering anything special to your guests? Let us know in the comments below…