6 Legit ways to earn money online as a stay home mama

How to make money as a stay home mum

So, I literally woke up at three am this morning, with this article in mind. Talk about spiritual download, eh! I then mentioned this on my Instagram and asked you guys to share in the comments what you do for work, with the idea to inspire others and just give a glimpse into allthethings you can do online as a stay home mommy.

The comments include all sorts of things from coaches, to educators, freelancers, va's, mlm rockstars and more! Love it.

So before you zone out and buy into your mean girl talk of; 'i don't know anything' or 'i don't have time' or 'i am not techy'.... I want you to ask yourself why you are reading this post? Obvy the headline must have got your attention, meaning somewhere deep down you do believe that this whole earning money from home kinda thing, could be the reality for you, amiright?

Ok, great, let's look at some of the options that are out there...

  1. Crafty? Open an Etsy store. 
    Setting up shop on Etsy is super easy, people sell everything from cute baby headbands to vintage clothing, macramé art, pottery and a ton more... Pair it with a savvy Instagram account and off you go!
  2. Start a blog and sell your e-books.
    Love talking about vegan food and raising healthy vegan babies? Write and sell recipe e-books and promote them on a blog. Or maybe gardening is more your jam? Options are endless!
  3. Love teaching others? Create a course.
    Online courses are an amazing way to learn just about anything! Create a course teaching people how to Macramé, or how to make watercolor art or how to design wedding invites...
  4. Passionate about health & wellness? Become a health coach!
    This is actually how I got started online, too. Such a rewarding way to work while being in full control of your hours and income. You can also be a fitness coach, relationship coach, business coach or pretty much anything else you can think of...
  5. Join a Network Marketing company aka mlm.
    I love this concept, especially for us women, as a main income or side gig! Things to make sure of are: It must be a product you love and can stand behind, make sure the company you partner with offers high level and personal mentoring, check their compensation plan and ask about their community and support structures. I have personally partnered with this company and absolutely love everything about it, as an extra income stream for me.
  6. Got tech or design skills? Become a freelancer.
    There are tons of companies out there who are more than happy to outsource things like design, tech stuff and coding, accounting, copywriting...  If this is you, put up a portfolio and get going, mama!

Pheeewww, that was a mouth full, eh!
But surely there was something that might have tickled your imagination? These are by far not all the options out there but the ones I see as a great fit for us Nap Time Warriors.

Let us know in the comments what option you are (or will be) pursuing, I'd love to know.

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Six legit ways to earn money online as a stay home mama, even if you have no skills!