6 Ways to leverage your amazing Blog posts


Are you writing incredible blog articles but they don’t seem to really convert or even get utilized in any way?
There is so much amazing and informative content just kinda sitting on your page, written once and forgotten…

Pretty sad right?

Here are some super easy tips to up your blogging game and turn that content into little soldiers that help grow your business. Leveraging your time and effort like a boss!

Btw, these tips are in no particular order and I don’t suggest you include them all in every single post, altho you can of course. Also, I am not going into SEO hacks as I’ve dedicated a super detailed article on SEO alone over here.

Pro Blogger tips that help you leverage your content while improving organic reach and growing your email list - Sabrina Weber.png

Ok, Let’s get to it

  1. Include a pretty Pinterest graphic that your readers can pin. Make sure it’s in a Pinterest friendly format, I love creating mine in Canva, so easy! Be sure to use the image description mindfully as this is the blurb that will then show on Pinterest once pinned! (see my example above) and hey, why don’t you pin it to see my blurb and image description example ;)

  2. Give extra value with how-to and instructional type articles including screenshots and step by steps.

  3. Over-deliver with an extra pdf to download. This can be super simple: a summary of the article, a checklist, instructions, a small collection of your work… be creative and have fun!
    I’ve done this on the photoshoot post, here.

  4. Grow your email list while you are at it. Simply by making the above (#3) into a freebie opt-in. Check out my DIY Website post to see an example of this in action.

  5. Link back to older articles that are relevant, giving them a fresh breath of life.

  6. Add a call to action (CTA) this can be a button, advert banner or simple link, asking the reader to take further action.

Are you doing these things already, got something to add to the list? Lemme know in the comments. xx


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