A day in my life - As a working from home mama

Psssst, I am talking more about these special glasses down below….

Psssst, I am talking more about these special glasses down below….


Let’s be real here, working from home as a mum is anything but glam!
It is however a dream lifestyle choice I have made long before becoming a mother.

A while back I asked you guys on Instagram if you wanted to get some insight into what a typical ‘work’ day might look like for me and I got a clear yes! So here we go…

Keep in mind that for me, not one day is like the other but I am going to talk you through a day where I do actually get some work done, currently Indigo is spending two mornings a week at Childcare, which she absolutely looooves! (Her starting Childcare at 15 months of age is a decision we made mainly because as expats, we do not have grandparents around for a quick drop off. We also made it fully depended on her if she will enjoy it or not, I am not surprised she does! Indi is such a vibrant and social child.)

These two mornings a week are the foundation of my ‘workweek’. It’s those days I can rely on to get certain deadlines met or hold client meetings, anything else I might get done during the week #naptimewarrior style is just a bonus. This works well for me.

A big reason how I can be focused and actually get stuff done in the windows I have free to work is thanks to using my Bullet Journal. I try to always be clear on my Nr.1 priority for the next day, then get this out of the way first thing.

A day in the life of a working from home mama, mum hacks via Highvibemommy.co

06.00 Am

Is usually when I get woken up by my smiling sunshine baby. After some morning cuddles and bathroom routine, we will make our way to the kitchen where two hungry kitties are awaiting us!

It’s time for breakfast. A green smoothie for all three of us, Sam’s Sourdough Bread with homemade Peanut Butter and Avocado followed by a black stove top coffee is a pretty standard situation for us. Indigo sits on the countertop while, snacking fruit off the chopping board already and maybe even smearing banana artwork on the window | ha!

I absolutely adore our mornings as they are slow and filled with joy. Sam and I both made very conscious decisions along our way - even before having Indi - that now allow us both to work from home and enjoy little magical moments like this, there is no rushing about.

08.00 Am

Dropping off Indi at her Childcare center in town, this is close to the beach which means if my morning is not too full I might try and pack in a quick 30min beach run before returning home to shower and get ready for work.

8.45 Am (ish)
I make an effort to dress properly even when working from home to get me in the right mindset. On these mornings I might be holding space for 1 or 2 coaching clients, work on web design projects or create content for my own brand. My favorite is when I can have a good mix of these things but that is not always possible depending on what I have to prioritise that day.

Unless it’s urgent, I keep emails, social media, blogging and so on for when I get bonus work time aka nap times.

11.50 Am
Picking Indi up from Daycare. Then have lunch with Sam, we try and make an effort to share meal times together as a family, at the table. I believe that is such a key component to a happy family life, us sharing thoughts, feelings and experiences with each other over a home cooked meal. It’s how both Sam and I grew up and how we will continue.

01.00 Pm
After a busy morning playing and running around, Indi is usually keen for a good nap by now. If I am lucky I get another two hours, sometimes it’s just 30min. Because this time is not a given, I will not make fixed plans but might be answering emails, posting on social, working on my own blog or spend the time learning. This can be from an audiobook or a course or some program I have enrolled in, never stop growing!

Backing our fave brownies from Emma’s book, My Darling Lemon Thyme.

Backing our fave brownies from Emma’s book, My Darling Lemon Thyme.

03.00 Pm
Indigo is up and fully recharged her batteries meaning action is needed | ha! Depending on the weather, we often go to the beach, have a playdate or do something fun at home like baking or she’ll ‘help’ me vacuuming and tidying the house. I might also use this time to run some errands in town and just bring Indigo along…

05.00 Pm
We like eating dinner pretty early, so around this time I’ll start cooking dinner. Again Indigo is usually in the kitchen with me, sitting on top of our large concrete kitchen top, watching my every move, trying and test biting everything I am chopping. It is important to me that she is growing up having a healthy relationship to food and preparing food.

After dinner, we have some more gentle play time before getting Indigo ready for bed.

08.00 Pm
Most days Indi will be asleep around 8 - 8.30pm.
From here I love to just relax, I might make myself a tea and watch a movie with Sam or we just talk. Depending on how much I was able to work that week, I might also squeeze in another hour or soof work, here (usually when I am working on a client website). It’s working after dark when it becomes extra important to protect our eyes from the blue lights of your computer screen, to avoid long-term damage! Of course I was very happy to find Klassy glasses that not only do the job wonderfully, day and night time but they also look super cute, methinks. And the best thing? Natalie, boss woman behind these gems has given me personal discount code just for you guys, huuurrrraaayyyy! Do your old self a favour and invest in your eye health now, use Sabrina10 at checkout, they are happy to ship worldwide. What style will you pick? I am in love with my clear ones.

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10.00 Pm
Lights out, we are usually in bed by ten sometimes even sooner!


On the days where Indigo is home all day, things look a lot more chaotic. On some days I will get work done and on others there is just no chance! And that’s ok too. On average I might work about 8-12 hours per week, while Sam is working four full 8h days.

Another great tip I can share with you is to NOT spend your valuable baby free time with things such as cleaning, laundry or cooking as these are things that can be done with children around too, in fact I see it as a valuable thing for them to see that mum (or dad) is doing all these tasks too and they actually love helping. Remember, they are always learning and observing!

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