A letter to my new born baby

Art by @cosmiccollage

Art by @cosmiccollage

I wonder, do you remember my heart beating for you?

Do you remember all the love and gratitude I had send your way?

How far have you travelled and why me?


It kinda just hit me, that I will never be ONE anymore. Always torn in two, always feeling your little heart beating over mine, feeling your pain, your love.

I wonder what the world feels like to you right now, all the senses amplified...

I imagined you in my womb hearing us through seashells 🐚 on your little ears and now, you are taking it all in, unfiltered.


You already took me to my absolute edge, you showed me what I am capable of out of pure love. Excruciating pain and emotions I've never felt before and yet, none of it matters...


You are here and it's only the beginning.