A modern boss babe photoshoot checklist, making sure you get exactly what your brand needs

A Modern Boss Babe Guide to a perfect, professional brand photoshoot. By Sabrina Weber

Whether you are currently working on your first ever business and brand launch or you are simply looking to up-level with some gorgeous new photos that are professional and support you in getting your brand and message out there.

Regardless, you do need good images!
It’s non-negotiable in this modern tech era we are in.

(downloadable pdf checklist below)

Mix it up, yo

I am for sure a fan of selfies and get shit done rather than perfect, 100%.
But I also love and really believe in having a library of really beautiful and high-quality images at my fingertips that I know are ON BRAND for me.
Not only do these images look professional but when done right they are the visual reflection of your brand and what you are all about as a person, which is obvy super important if we are looking at building a personal brand business.

I want to share these tips with you to make sure you are not wasting your money on a photo shoot that will not give you the outcome you need! There are of course amazing photographers out there who know all these things and will absolutely make sure you get the most out of this. But there are also those who just either don’t care or don’t have a clue when it comes to actually you then using these images. So please don’t just rely on them guiding you!

From my past work as a Squarespace web designer for coaches, I have seen it over and over again that my client handed me photos that were, yes taken with a DSLR and pretty BUT mostly unusable for me to implement in designing their website. Such a waste of money! Which could have been avoided if only they asked me (their designer what is needed) or at least did some research and maybe learned the things I am sharing with you right now. On how to make the most of a professional branding photoshoot.

How to get the most out of a professional branding photoshoot. by www.heysabrinaweber.compng

What you need to know

  • Find a photographer that is actually aligned with your taste and vision, ask for referrals and don’t just hire the first person with a camera!

  • Be authentic in your shoot. Dress nicely, do your makeup and all that BUT don’t go into a fake level with this. Stay true to you, if you never wear lipstick ever then don’t do it just for this. People want to connect with the real you, you need these photos to be a reflection of who you are.

  • If a client - who found you on the internet - would meet you in person for the first time, see you as the same person? Or would they not even recognize you?!

  • Take lifestyle shots, walk around, keep your hands busy, have fun. No one wants to see a boring headshot taken in a studio with a grey backdrop!

  • Ask for landscape shots (horizontal) images more so than portrait style. This is super important! You need those ones to create banners and all sorts of promo material, you can always crop out a portrait size but you can’t use a portrait format to create banners.

  • Use props to help you feel less awkward and keep your arms busy ;) Think, a coffee, a bag, phone, laptop, I even your dog or baby if that is appropriate for your brand…

  • Choose several outfits to mix it up and pick things that are again, authentic to you and a reflection of the brand vibe and colors you are going for.

  • Do a location scout in advance. What happens if it’s raining? Do you want sunset kind of light or bright sunny ocean days? If indoors, is the lighting good or do you need to bring any extra tools?

  • Get a good variety of images and settings. Way too often have I received a file with 50+ images but really they ended up being just more of the same! Again keep in mind what you want to use them for, social media, sales pages, about page, a specific offer or program…?

I really hope these tips will help you make the most out of your next shoot and also make the life of your web design person easier hahhaha. You can download the above points right here in a pdf.

Sabrina xx