A quick morning chat with photographer, Lavara.

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When I first stumbled upon Lavara's Instagram I literally felt like I died and gone to a heaven of curated shades of tan combined with cane furniture and beaches that make you want to drop everything and stay forever! 

Naturally, I had to connect with this mama bear and I am so glad I did!

It seems that most creatives I meet have a story of somewhat falling into their calling rather accidentally, Lavara is no exception. Ten years ago I did a photo shoot for a friend and loved it, as a result, went out there and purchased the most expensive camera I could afford, she says.
Since then, taking consistent action, learning from others and challenging herself to take at least one photo each day. Is what has resulted in the successful wedding photography business she has now. 

This entrepreneurial couple is raising their three girls in one of New Zealand's most beautiful corners, Waiheke Island. Having grown up in Papua New Guinea, Lavara is being very mindful when it comes to her parenting approach and teaching her girls to be creative with what they have and not get sidetracked with things they don't need.
You don't see fussy eaters in Papua, they eat whatever is available to them and are grateful for it.

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In between kids and work, I do at least one thing for myself each day that makes me feel good, usually,
it's styling and taking photos. 


I could not agree more with Lavara when she said that there is a season for everything. Right now she has taken a sabbatical from shooting weddings to spend more quality time with the girls who won't be little forever of course. This means she is infusing more of her styling and photography love into her Instagram and perhaps spends a bit too much time finding new cane pieces to add to the collection? *wink

I wanted to know what Lavara would say to a mama who is looking to get started in the photography world, this is what she said: 
- Get a good camera
- Take photos every single day, practice, practice, practice
- Learn from others, spend time with a photographer you love
- Soak up all the information, Youtube has so many how-to videos, it's incredible!
- Don't compare yourself to others
- If it's something you truly love doing, the clients will come

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