Are you seeing what I see?


When I look at you I can’t help it but see your highest version. 

I see the woman who is filled with joy, who is followed by luck and good choices wherever she goes. 


I can see the woman who always makes the right decisions intuitively because that is just who she is.


Her energy is infectious.

She’s a lucky bitch! 

Things seem to just work out for her but it is no accident, no, it’s her choice and she knows it.


I can see a woman who is fully in her power, inside and out, a woman who is not available for anything other than excellence.

Her standards are high and it’s reflecting in her everyday life.

People are going above and beyond to bring her joy, simply being in her presence is what lights others up.

She knows that whatever she puts out there comes back tenfold and it feels good.


She is the kinda queen who fixes another’s crown with a smile.


I see YOU.



The version you so desperately try to not be because you fear she might be too much.



You can choose to keep suppressing her, of course, in the long run, this will be harder than actually unleashing her though.

You will get to the end of this human life realizing that in the end it was all just a game and you wasted most of it by playing small.





you could squeeze your peachy bum into your big girl panties now and just see what happens, ye….?

Leaping, following that call you have been hearing for years, desperately trying to get your attention while you pretend not to hear it.


You choose.

But if I can see YOU, why can’t you?! Or do you just don’t want to?


Yours truly. xoxo

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