Are you suppressing your highest power as a coach?

high vibe

You know, when you feel like you are doing #allthethings, you play by the rules, you are organised af, you have your programs all mapped out. And yet, it feels like an uphill battle. Your clients get mediocre results, you feel energetically drained.... But deep down
you know you can do it.

You know you have what it takes, you even get visions/glimpses of your most successful version of self.

But how the fuck do you access it?!
What are you missing?

You could buy another course that won’t be completed or you might opt in for more free crap. And the distraction wheel keeps turning.

you could start to really back yourself like a mother!!
(lemme go off track here for a sec, if you have ever given birth to a mini human through your vagina, you will know exactly what I mean when I say; trust your body it knows what to do. As women we are literally designed to make babies, right. So why interfere??)

When it comes to your coaching - if this is indeed your SoulWork - then you must also TRUST this process and know that your soul knows
and create space to be the messenger.
Don’t try to control everything, let yourself and your work be guided by your highest self.

I literally never prepare for any of my client sessions or programs 😬 my clients know this, I have intentions and maybe even a ‘gut feeling’ but that’s it. I simply let the magic unfold and flow through me. Trusting and knowing that I always have access to the aligned message I need to share in that moment.
And I do.

Get out of your own way and make space for magic!

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