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If you are doing this, you are wasting precious brain power!

When was the last time you flipped out on your partner because they asked you what you wanted for dinner? - I mean how rude right?! You suddenly were grumpy and irritated for no obvious reason
until you realised …

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How we weaned our two year old with no fancy tools or crying it out methods

Like you, I have been stressing about this whole weaning thing, I have scrolled the internet looking for other positive examples that of course DO NOT involve the letting her to cry method and went back and forth in my mind of what might be the best approach… Relate much? Here is how we’ve done it.

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A day in my life - As a working from home mama

I am sharing with you a typical workday in my life as a working from home mama. We’ll talk productivity hacks, lifestyle choices and why you need to wear blue light blocker glasses if you work at the computer. Come, join my day…

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