10 easy steps to grow your email list with a Quiz using Interact

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Remember those quizzes in the teenage magazines? 
"Does he really love me?" or "Is he having an affair?" I looooved them!

So naturally creating a personality quiz for my people (you) was high on my list of things I want to create but I kinda dreaded it for ages because I turned it into this really complicated and techy thing in my head! That was before I found Interact. They really make it easy for us. There is no more room for any excuses, with endless options to get creative. Think personality quizzes, Buzzfeed style quizzes, Facebook quizzes, polls, market research, on-boarding QnA, you can even hand out resources specific to someone's results! For those of you in Europe, it's also GDPR friendly. This article contains affiliate links.

Let's do it, I'll give you some pointers:
The best way to go about creating a quiz with Interact is to start with your goal in mind. Ask yourself who you want to reach - who is your target audience? What value do you want to provide for them? And what action do you want to spark?

I personally want to use the quiz to grow my tribe (i.e. email list) and I am going to take a wild guess here and say that this is probably the case for you too, right? Once you have determined your goal it's time to map out your questions and answers, and the Interact templates make this super easy for you. Asking around five questions is a good idea as we don't want to take too much of anyone's time!

Taking my current quiz as an example: What type of Mumpreneur are you?
My audience: Mamas who are in the starting phase of launching their own business.
Value: Inspiration and suggestions as to what avenues they can pursue - Coach, Artist, Freelancer, Educator.
Call to action: I decided on two things I want to focus on, 1) grow my email list and 2) invite more people to my private Facebook group The Nap Time Warriors.

Ready to create your own beautiful quiz?

1) Head on over to Interact and create your own account. Once done I suggest you start your quiz by using one of their amazing templates and follow my easy steps below... 

Try one of Interact's many templates for quiz lead magnets

Find the category you are interested in, you can select more than one!

2) Decide on a quiz type that best suits your goal. I went for the personality type quiz option.

3) Now the fun part: Select a template! You can preview them before you make a choice and, of course, you can later adjust all the design details.

Using Interact quizzes for your funnel strategy

4) Please make sure you take the time to customise your template now. To create a successful lead magnet quiz and grow your email list accordingly, you want to appeal to your audience and obviously stay on brand with your colour and image choices.

lead magnet quiz, interact, buzz feed quizzes, funnel strategy

5) Next, you will want to write your questions. Here are some ideas for you. All you need to do is change the wording in the template. Make sure to use images that are in line with your brand. Pro Tip: Questions with images convert better than plain text ones!

Interact quiz, quiz template, drag and drop quiz
buzzfeed style quizzes, lead magnet quiz, email list, interact

6) Write up your results page. Earlier on, you decided on what results you'd like to present. In my case there are four different resulting personality types: The Coach, The Educator, The Freelancer, The Artist. Now it's your turn, use this page to provide value, you can then follow up that result with even more expertise in your automated email sequence (more on that later). This is your first touch point to offer a call to action. 

how to create a personality quiz for my lead magnet

7) You are doing great! We are almost done... It's time to edit your result correlations to make sure the correct result is provided based on the answers that were selected. Do not miss this step!

DIY quiz, interact quizzes, buzzfeed quiz, marketing tips, funnel quiz

8) Connect your email list, e.g. Mailchimp. If you are in Europe or working with the European market you will want to enable the GDPR box. 

gdpr friendly quiz

9) Now it's crucial that you are testing your quiz and make sure it all works the way you want it to. If anything is hung up, Interact has an incredible support team!
I suggest you also write an email sequence, welcoming your new subscribers as they are opting in. Once all is ready and working you can now promote your quiz, it's a good idea to embed it on your website, you can also run it as a Facebook or Instagram ad.

10) You are done, yeii! Finally, you will want to keep an eye on your Analytics. A few days of promoting your quiz should give you some good insight as of how well it's working, if you are not satisfied with the performance, it's an opportunity for you to make some tweaks, change the wording of the title, swap some images...

quiz analytics, interact, facebook quizzes

Take my Mumpreneur Quiz to see it in action!


Did you find this article helpful? Share in the comments what you've learned and what kind of quiz you are excited to create for yourself.
I can't wait to hear from you!

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