How to write email captions that actually get opened

How to write email subject lines that get opened?

Building an email list and writing newsletters is pretty intimidating as is, after all, people don't hand out their contact so easily these days and rightly so! So you going through all this effort of writing an amazing newsletter to your tribe only to find out that no one has even opened it, just kinda sucks, right?

Let's just take a look at your own inbox right now, most likely there are a bunch of emails that you opened, some that you ignored and some that you are actually looking forward to opening every single time no matter what the caption says, amiright?
The later is our ultimate goal, we want to be that person for our tribe, creating content they actually want to soak up! But for today's topic let's look at how we can write a one-liner (Subject Line) that makes people want to open your newsletter.

The ones you did open, look at the subject line, what is different about it vs the one you did not open? What about it made it you want to read more?

Pointers to keep in mind when writing your converting email subject line:
+ Be funny
+ Create urgency
+ Spark curiosity
+ Personalise if possible
+ Speak to their needs
+ Use an emoji for attention and keep your word count low

I am going to give you some actual copy paste ideas! (of course, you will want to infuse them with your own personality and what makes sense for your brand).

" Hey *name* I made this for you! "
" OMG, you won't believe what happened last night...! "
" Time sensitive, please open. "
" This will affect you... "
" *name* are you coming?
" Doors are closing tomorrow, grab your discount code now "
" Big savings inside! "
" So I chose this crazy wall color and now... "
" If only I had known this sooner..."
" How to ___________" (insert your topic, ex: write emails that convert)
" Your free _________ is on it's way!
" Hubby thinks I am crazy to offer this...! "
" Don't miss out on this! "
" Oops, that was awkward..."
" Open up! "

Go on, try them out and watch your stats transform, it's fun trust me.

Btw. I just started this fun game where you guys can message me or comment below with a question (like the one we just talked about) and I'll answer it in my Instagram Stories! This is going to be so fun, I already started collecting some fab Q's...


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