4 ways to feel successful, now & finally manifest more

How to feel successful and manifest more

Hey mama!
I get it, you are busy AF. And you have that big dream, where you see yourself owning an online business that brings you joy and a good income... But even the thought of making a start can feel overwhelming and nearly impossible to add to your plate! amiright?

There is laundry.
Maybe a day job.
Kids lunches.
Playdates and parties.

But here is one FREE thing you can implement right away that will have a massive impact on your future success! I am going to get woo-woo on you for a sec, look, we attract what we feel into and we get more of what's on our mind, it's the law of attraction and this is doing it's thing whether you care or not! So why not use it in our favor?

To attract success we first must feel successful. And let's face it, dirty dishes in the sink, lego pieces everywhere and a car full of crumbs is not exactly making you feel extremely successful or sexy for that matter! Agreed?

In other words, we need to raise our standards and the universe will meet us there. 

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Now do me and yourself a favor: Before you keep reading make a promise to your future self that you will not go into overwhelm, in fact from today on you are no longer available for drama! Instead, you will sit down with your partner and craft a plan of action, pick a week (soon) where you will prioritize the things I am sharing with you now. So that you can step into that higher vibration and finally allow space for new energies to flow.

I promise you it will feel AMAZING!

Your home
Tackle room by room and declutter, don't just pack things into drawers but actually get rid of stuff! Free yourself from old things that no longer serve you. (unwanted gifts, ill-fitting clothes, broken things...)

Same with kids toys, do they really need ALL of them or can something be donated? Get a pretty basket or box to store the ones that are staying.

Think of new routines that you can start in order to keep your space fresh and tidy from now on. I find that when I pack things into the dishwasher right away instead of parking somewhere or wipe down that counter after each meal, it's working. When I don't do these things, more clutter magically appears there throughout the day

Fresh flowers, indoor plants or a beautiful uplifting oil in the diffuser will top this off perfectly!

Your car
Treat it to a wash and shine inside and out. Hint: you can get it done pretty cheap at a carwash station while you go and have a coffee! Then try to keep it tidy.

Your bank accounts
Yup, if you are organized in this department, well done, move on! But otherwise, I need you to know that in order to attract more money into your life you must be in control of what is going on. Money goes where there is a purpose! Take some time to get intimate with your money, know exactly how much is going out and where to and what is coming in. 

Have a personal account and a business account.
Open another one where you put 20% of your sales for taxes.
And a third one where you aim to save up 5k for emergencies.

No matter if your numbers are in the green or red right now, being in control of your money stuff is super important and empowering.

What about you? Your body and mind... Are you eating kinda healthy? I like to aim for an 80 / 20 approach leaving room for my weekend croissant! Move your body, drink enough water, find a minute or two in the day where you do nothing but breathing. Get sleep! (just joking, I know you're mum!! :) ) Seriously tho, try to get as much as you can.
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Start implementing one thing at the time, get your man on board to support you in this.

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P.s I looove reading comments! I'd be stoked if you share your takeaways or questions below. xx