Giving birth? Here is your hospitalbag checklist

What to pack for a hospital birth

Yeeeiiiiii, I am so excited for you, mama!!
You are about to give birth to a beautiful, perfectly tiny soul who will bring you more joy than you can ever imagine.

But for right now you're probably mainly freaking out about all the questions...
Where to give birth?
At home?
In the water?
Birth center?

And what do I need?!
It's good to find answers to these questions and feel prepared BUT also know that you do not have control, really. It might end up very differently than you've planned, in fact, a birth is not something that can be fully planned. It's best to relax, listen to your body, trust and remember that you are a woman, women are 'designed' to give birth, you've got this!

Leading up to this time, I really enjoyed reading other women's birth stories, here is mine.

Regardless of you planning a home birth or hospital birth, it's a good idea to have your hospital-bag ready to go at around week 38, that way it's ready to grab if things happen quickly, you'll have enough other things to think about!

You can print and pin the Hospital-bag Checklist below.

I ended up staying at the hospital for two full nights plus three nights at the birth center. That is longer than I expected, so definitely plan for a few days extra.
You just never know how this will go...

As for the baby, they don't really need much, other than their mommy... A few onesies, warm slippers or socks, a hat a warm blanky or soft cotton wrap. Depending on the season.

For you,
This is not the time to look sexy, think comfortable and oversized :) T-shirt dresses are amazing, V-neck shirts or button up tops are fab for breastfeeding. Bring something nice to go home in, also, applying a little mascara and lippy helped me feel alive again!

P.s Pack some undies and a fresh shirt for your man too!

Here is my full list to pin and share.

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