How do I know when to quit my job and go ALL IN with my business?

How to know when it's right to quit the 9 to 5 and go all in on my dream business. - Sabrina Weber

I totally get it, you are in this holy shit I need $$ kinda phase but you also want to kick your business into gear and finally create the success you know is available to you.

Would a job hold me back or actually be beneficial right now?
That’s probably what you are wondering, right?

The short answer would be; what does your gut say?

The longer answer is this, it really depends on YOUR situation.
If you had no money coming in but all the time to spend on building your business, then how many weeks or months could you sustain yourself right now? And can you see yourself getting to a point of earning money from your business once that time is up? No matter the answer here, you know what to do now.

Based on your answer here, going all in and giving yourself that ‘pressure’ of having to make this shit work because there is no plan B or safety net can do magic for you!
You won’t have the opportunity to slack or put things off if it gets hard because well, you don’t really need the money, can you see that? A bit of pressure goes a long way.

But I also want to say that it is absolutely ok to have a job on the side if needed that will give you some peace of mind around the money thing. Look for something that allows you to be flexible and quite when the time feels right, give yourself a deadline by when you will quit this job.

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