How to be authentic as a coach

How to be authentic in my coaching business

Are you a messenger? Then stop trying to be an entrepreneur!

Lemme explain 

Those of us who were born messengers have a responsibility to eventually get over themselves and share that said message. If this is you then I am sure you already know this, maybe you are out there doing the work.

Maybe you are still hiding or somehow trying to ignore it and just keep busy with stuff...

Having the gift of the messenger is nothing superior or special to others. There are many different gifts and all are important. But myself and most of the incredible women I get to work with fall into this category.

But where I am going with this is that you might fall into the trap of worrying about HOW you share that said message and you go down the rabbit hole of strategies, split testing and just doing #allthethings of being the entrepreneur.

I know, I certainly did.

And while you might get to some level of success, you are indeed losing your connection and soul message in the mess!

As a result you feel frazzled, lost, overwhelmed and you can’t even appreciate the success you are having because deep down you know the work is not done yet.

If you really are a messenger and you know it if you are. Then I believe that the ONLY way to truly create a thriving business that comes from soul is to tune back into that radio frequency that is your soul’s voice and only then take the aligned action. #onrepeat

There are many ways to go about sharing your message, some might do it through art, writing, music, coaching and so on. Tune in and see what is the aligned vehicle for you.

Thinking back, I have always been a coach. I just didn’t know that was a thing! People would constantly talk to me about their problems, life and dreams even complete strangers in the bus! In my mid twenties I had a store but really it felt like I had a counseling practice!

Until I decided to might as well get paid for this. I am sure you have similar experiences when you look back at your life, right?

It’s something we are born with, we can choose to ignore it of course and create some kind of parallel life but eventually you will feel unhappy and unfulfilled. You can not undo what you are!

Embrace it.