Go on, be human for a while. It will be fun they said!

Super Mario Game the meaning of life?

It's kinda funny that the urge to share this message with you came to me during the recent Blood Moon Eclipse. 

I have been observing - as I always do - and something has shifted recently. People around me seem to be more and more 'uneasy' with themselves and their whole being. I am noticing stress, addictions, even depression! And it really bothers me. What if the solution was in a Gameboy game from the 80'?!

A close friend recently said to me; "everyone wants to sell me fucking empty happiness! " she seemed very worked up about it and I am not blaming her. Here is the thing tho... We surround ourselves with like-minded people, it's just what we do. So for people like her and me who work in this 'self-help, entrepreneurial, coaching kinda world' it seems as tho everyone and their dog is a coach these days! But so what... ?

Just like I look around me thinking how is it possible that someone like this fake red-haired old man, wearing cheap fake tan on his skin becomes a world leader?! I don't know a single person who would allow for this in their sane mind but then again, my vision is blurred, I am wearing blinders because those other people just aren't really in my life. This does not mean they don't exist. And this is just one example of many.

We have two laws at play here, one is the universal law of attraction that makes it so that we are magnets for what we think and feel, the frequency we are vibrating on.
The second one is the law of Social Media Algorithms! Just like the LOA, Zuckerberg and Co are showing us the things, people and stories they think we are interested in, based on our behavior. Kinda creepy, kinda genius!

What is my point with this you wonder?
I want to invite you to shift your view of your existence for a moment, 
#nobigdeal . 

What if we all took life just a little less serious?
What if we walked through this human experience, seeing it as a game or experiment if you wish?
As a kid of the 80', I can't help it but compare life with a Super Mario Game! You collect your dollar coins, you make friends and you fight a monster every time you are about to up-level. 

I believe that the purpose of life is to simply be ALIVE.

We hear it all the time, last words from people who are about to leave this earth: "I wish I took life less seriously and loved more". Why aren't we listening?

See, practicing an attitude of unattachment does not mean we don't care!
It simply means we are not wasting precious energy, worrying about stuff we have no control over. It's like a breath of fresh air, once you let go of the struggle and allow yourself to float. Directing your energy and emotions toward the things and people who really light you up and therefore bring into your life more of that.

Let go.

This whole being a human thing is actually fun!
Who's with me?