How coaches and creatives need to manage their money, even if there is zero in the account!

How to manage my money as a coach

Ok, I have a confession to make.

For years in my entrepreneurial path I have been somewhat ignoring the importance of practical income handling and therefore attracting! I somehow sold myself the story that I wasn’t good with money and that there is no point in having systems if there is no fucking money to actually deal with, relate much?

If only I had been able to see that taking practical action in this area of my life was not only going to be a commitment to the success I wanted but also made the whole m(oney)festing part a lot easier!

And I am not talking about accounting and taxes btw, which of course also needs to be taken care of.

What I am talking about is the fact that money needs purpose,
money goes where there is a home for it.

My younger self thought that she must first bring in the millions or at least thousands on repeat before it makes sense for her to look into smart ways to invest, save and track all of it.
I didn’t even pay myself, I just sometimes ‘took ’ random amounts from my biz account to spend and even felt kinda wrong doing so!!

It was a mess I tell ya.
And look, I can see why I previously thought that this is how it works. So no judgement toward myself or you if that’s your current reality. You are about to change it and that matters.

But I have since learned about money and the manifestation thereof;

+ that quite the opposite is true. The more I give it a loving home the more likely it shows up.

+ that there must be a reason, a valid need for the money to show up. It’s not good enough to just ask for 5K months or 10K months because that sounds like a cool goal, no!

+ that the more specific I am with how much I need, by when and what for the more likely it shows up.

+ the more religiously I track it the more shows up.

+ the more I practise being in the vibration of overflow the more it not only shows up but I get to keep it.
See, I used to somehow always endup with all the money gone, spent. No matter how good of a month I had it was always kinda gone, sometimes I didn’t even know what I had spent it on!

Go take charge of your money honey!!!