How to move to Hawaii, with a baby | Korynn Elliott

single mum moves to hawaii
Words by Korynn Elliott

I often get asked how I ended up on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with my little girl. People wanna know how I did it. Why did I decide to quit my steady job, take my daughter out of private school, and uproot my life to go live in Hawaii of all places...and just...spend all day at the beach?

Tell everyone what you’re gonna be doing there,” said my half-annoyed boss when I excitedly made the “I’m moving to Hawaii!” announcement to my former colleagues, at my cushy nonprofit job in the city.

It was as if the only reason I could possibly be going to live in paradise was for a very important reason - aka doing something very productive.

But, in fact, my decision to make Hawaii our new home was to slow down the inertia of always having to be productive. If we needed any kind of productivity, it was the kind that came from the slowing down itself, first.

Maybe you’re thinking by now, “Ok, so, how did you do it?” And the honest answer might sound cliche or rudely simplistic but I can assure you that it can be that simple once you make the decision to start immersing yourself in it.

I became the vibration of Hawaii

I had unknowingly been in the manifestation process for this move for years before we actually took the leap.

I prepped my daughter by making overseas travel (and rather unconventional living) a regular activity since she was born. She was cozily wrapped against my chest on at least 10 domestic flights and 2 foreign flights by the time she was 10 months old.

The idea of moving to an island community felt like a natural adventure to her (that’s my girl!)

Another thing I did to become the vibration of our new life (unknowingly) was taking a few trips to Hawaii and staying with friends at local spots. Avoiding all the touristy places, I did everything I could to experience the islands like locals do. I was so fascinated by the culture and fell in love with the family-friendly atmosphere and the aloha spirit that permeated everything in the air. So on my last trip, I made the decision to someday make Hawaii our forever home.

I went home and didn’t think too much about it. I had an inner knowing that if I was meant to be there, it would work out eventually.

How to move to Hawaii, as a single mum

The next three months were spent loving my job instead of hating it, enjoying summer and being in full appreciation for everything I had access to in my city. I ate amazing food, took time out to roll with friends instead of holing up at our house, and I generally enjoyed life (instead of resisting everything about it because I wasn’t where I really wanted to be).

This isn’t at all how I’d spent the 2 previous years in that city. I wanted to get out of there like crazy, which is part of why I did so much traveling.

But you’ve gotta become the vibration of what you want before you can have it. And that meant loving my life (almost) as much as if I were already in my paradise. If I’d gone home from Hawaii in resistance, focusing on how crap my normal life felt, and thinking about how it would only get better if I was just somewhere better - then I never would’ve made it.

After about three months of this feeling good about myself and our life thing, I knew it was time to just move on. To break the jug. To grow. So I made the decision to step into our new life asap by purchasing one-way tickets to Hawaii. We were there in our new home less than 60 days later.

Those 60 days were a whirlwind and I was on fire. Almost every possible obstacle presented itself but because I was already in the vibrational frequency of where we were going, I was undeterred. It was easy. 

Living the island life with kids is a dream come true. Thinking back on how much our day-to-day life changed since we left that city years ago, it feels so surreal. We were completely different people.

Being in an environment that gave us space to slow down, embrace spirituality, fully appreciate nature, and experience the loving energy of the local people and the reverence they have for their islands, has shown us who we really are and it’s brought us even closer together.

So if you’re thinking of all the ways you can manifest or “attract” what you want, my advice is to start finding peace and a zest for life from within first. Likely, the very thing you want is there waiting for you at that frequency - and when you become that frequency, you can’t help but have it.


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