How to use Instagram for your business + my 5 go to Insta apps

Grow your Instagram fast and authentically with this easy to implement strategy

Instagram has quickly become my favorite platform to use, I am finding new amazing brands, inspiring mamas to follow and cute baby clothes are out of question! 

But it is also where my peeeps are - aka my hellyeah dream clients and I am pretty sure yours might be there too!

Before you get intimidated by the fancy influencer accounts with millions of followers, I want you to consider this:
Let's assume you had a 100 followers who are there because they are actually interested in what you have to say... a hundred sounds not like a lot but how would you feel if you had to speak to an audience of hundred at a live gig?! That would feel like a lot, amiright??

Okay, here is what's important:

  1. Your bio
    Use that space wisely by speaking to your ideal client. From reading your bio I should be able to tell if I am interested in what you do and if we might be vibin' on the same wave. Here is what mine currently says;
    " Sabrina Weber. I help high vibe women unleash their SoulWork & get past their own BS! Design the career + lifestyle you love.
    ✧ Plant foodie. Mama. Creative. NZ.”

    Be sure to include a link to your website or current freebie. Pro Tip: Use Linktree for several links!

  2. Insta Stories
    Do not ignore Instagrams latest feature, the stories.
    This is a fab way to share the 'real life' behind the scenes kinda stuff. No need for pretty filters, keep it real. You can categorize them by highlighting your stories this also means they stay in your profile.

  3. Your grid and photos
    It's important to keep your grid cohesive. Use your brand colors (if you have a website) or just decide on a color scheme. I like using grey tones, dusty pink and dashes of greens. Another easy way to stay consistent is to always use the same filter or editing steps as well as the image temperature, decide on a cool or warm look. Never use blurry images and be sure to level your horizon!

  4. Captions
    Never underestimate a good caption!
    Use this space to interact with your people, ask questions, make prompts or include a call to action. Feel free to be a bit vulnerable every now and then, emotions connect! Tell a story, why are you writing this post? Or where are you as you are writing it? What's on your mind? Share a personal experience.

  5. #tags
    Hashtags are super important to help you reach new people, kinda like keywords on Google. Research tags that make sense for the audience you want to attract, I keep various sets of hashtags in my 'notes app' so that I can just copy past the appropriate tag cloud into my comments. Be sure to mix them up otherwise Instagram will see you as spammy!

  6. Content
    Post content with your target market in mind. If you are a wedding photographer it makes sense to share images of weddings, dresses, cakes, flowers and decor stuff and not necessarily photos of your kids! (the odd one is totally fine, tho). If you have a personal brand people will want to see your face too!

Apps I currently love, that help me up my Insta game:
+ Planoly
+ A Color Story
+ Lightroom
+ WordSwag


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Key ways to use Instagram for your business and grow an authentic following, these apps are super helpful for a gorgeous grid!.png