I took my Pinterest from 700 - 5.8K monthly viewers with these easy tips, in just one month!

How I use Pinterest to organically reach my incredible soulmate clients

Lisa: “Is your ‘Bath Inspo’ board going to attract your ideal client?”

Me: Well, maybe it does! 😅

I kid you not, this was the exact conversation I had over messenger when I first learned about using Pinterest to grow my coaching business, organically while attracting only soulmate clients!

And frankly, her question felt like a punch in the face. I mean how did I not think this far myself?! Needless to say the ‘Bath Inspo’ board wasn’t working it’s magic for me back then.

Did you just feel the punch as well?

Here are the good news!
It’s a pretty easy fix but you must keep a few things in mind and of course as with everything, #dothedamnwork and stay course.

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Ok let’s get to it!

Pinterest is NOT a Social Media site but much more a SEARCH ENGINE so we must use it as such. Use relevant keywords wherever you can. Profile description, Board Names and of course your Pin descriptions. It’s important that you use those keywords as an actual part of whatever sentence you are writing, please don’t just list them out!

You must claim your website and connect it with your Pinterest account this will allow for so called Rich Pins that link back to your website or Blog as the original source.

How to activate rich pins for pinterest - Sabrina Weber.png

Create boards that are relevant to your dream clients and what you have to offer and talk about. Aka, not Bath Inspo boards unless of course you are an interior design queen or so! You can still have those kind of boards for yourself, just set them on private.

The image name as you upload it to your blog is what will become the description of your Pin! I talk about this over in my SEO article too.

Create beautiful pins worth sharing and clicking on. I use Canva for this, it’s super easy.

Have your Pin lead to a fantastic offer, great blog article or freebie, the Pin is the first piece of your funnel, make it count.

Be consistent, and make this a normal part of your blogging activity.

Happy pinning
xo xo