What to write in your next email automation sequence. (includes pdf blueprint)

What to say in my Mailchimp email automation sequence

You heard it before if you have a business you really should also have and grow a list of email contacts. Think about it, if I send you an email it sits in your inbox in bold writing until you open it. That is a way more prominent position then hoping your people will see your Instagram post!

Being a mama and naturally someone who likes to choose the route of least resistance, I looove everything automation | Ha!
An automated email sequence also known as an onboarding sequence is super powerful and a fabulous way for you to make sure that anyone who is joining your email list will feel welcomed and seen, if someone is giving you their email address it's a big deal and we should treat it with lots of respect. They are saying yes to you and your content, so love them up!

But what to write?!

I am going to share with you my actual sequence for my "What type of mumpreneur are you? Quiz" that is currently working as part of my funnel strategy. It's a real peek behind the scenes.

I like to think of this as meeting someone at a party, you have some small talk before diving into a more meaningful conversation and you most likely don't have sex right away, aka come in with a sales pitch!

A good rule of thumb is to write at least three to five emails that will be triggered once someone is opting into your email list. You also want to ensure that the design is in line with your branding and easy to recognise.

writing an automated email sequence in Mailchimp

Here is an overview of the five emails we are about to cover. 

Notice the Triggers; the first email is going out immediately after someone has subscribed.

Then there are two more mailers for the coming two days before I spread them out a bit more. 

You don't want to wait too long otherwise people might forget who you are or how they are meant to know you, everyone is busy. 


Email 1:
The main purpose of this one is really to deliver the freebie if you have promised one and officially introduce yourself, welcoming the new person into your world, that's it. Keep this one short and sweet.

Email 2: 
Use the second email to get a bit more personal and share your story try to keep it interactive by asking them to reply, if they do, it's a real win! 

Email 3:
I am using this one to deliver massive value and share my expertise. If you offer services then this will work well for you too. For a product based business you might want to think of some other way to make a great offer such as a time sensitive discount or bundle.

Email 4:
This should really serve as a friendly reminder to take you up on that offer, make it time sensitive and stick to it.

Email 5:
In my last mailer of the series I like to point out more resources and perhaps sparking some interest in what I have to offer for money without actually asking for a sale.

Keep in mind that you really want to focus on connection and forming a relationship. I have put my actual mailing sequence into a pdf for you to use as a blueprint, download it now. I know you are a smart and very capable woman who can tweak this information to make it her own.

Have fun with it.


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