Interview | Peta Kelly

Peta Kelly

Peta, I am all about lifestyle by design and running a business that has Purpose Beyond Profit.
When I first came across your name I literally did a kitchen dance! Because you embody all of this and are living it out loud.

Tell me, what does purpose beyond profit mean in your world?
Thank you beauty. Oooh, I love it; purpose beyond profit. I love that our generation recognizes these conversations as being so normal, you know? Purpose beyond profit to me means exactly that - that we’re working for something so much bigger than our bottom line. It also means that our feeling of fulfillment comes from something other than our bottom line.
We’ve been fed some nonsense about what success means, and it has people chasing their tails trying to ‘make it’. Trying to earn X amount so they can afford X home and they can live like X and so they can become successful on paper.
It’s not just big corporations who strive to increase profit, it’s everyday people. We’re taught to think that, that’s where success is.

Our generation is completely redefining success - both corporately and individually.
We know that our greatest success is our alignment individually, which means that we’re learning to design our life around what excites us, what makes us the most ‘us’ and what is in alignment with the greater good - the planet and the people. The same goes corporately. Everyone is waking up to the fact that if we’re not taking care of the planet and the people, what’s the point? Businesses who are not doing business consciously in the next 10 years won’t be here. It’s just the way it’s gonna go cos the earth, the universe demands that we change our focus. This doesn’t mean money isn’t important. It is. The people, planet and profit model is wonderful because it recognizes that we don’t have to shy away from abundance, but we MUSTN ́T shy away from the bigger picture, the whole, taking care of our planet and our people and doing it in a way that feels SO DAMN GOOD. So to me, purpose beyond profit means working/building/creating and living by these 3 questions (and this is what I teach my entrepreneurs):

  • Is this giving more to the planet than it ́s taking?
  • Is this giving more to the people than it ́s taking?
  • Does it feel like a ‘hell yeah’ in my soul?


How do you think will the world look like in 50y from now...
The New Way that we’re all working to make the new normal, will be SO beyond normal. The world is changing rapidly. The rise of the divine feminine is here. Not feminine as in female, feminine as in, the feminine part of ALL of us - Connected to mother earth, and present IN our lives and not above them.

You hit millionaire status at the age of 26. What did it take?
Firstly, you’ve gotta realize that it isn’t about the money, it’s about what money is. It’s a story and it’s an exchange. I could go into a big spiel about spiritual money but I won’t, for now :) It really takes trust in the process. It takes a belief that we’re all worthy of abundance.
It takes a firm understanding that we all have the ability to provide value to the world in BIG ways- That’s what becoming a millionaire is. Providing value to people. It sounds same, same but it’s so true. It all depends on what you value also. For some, they would say ‘hustle hustle hustle’. I’m now appreciating the grace in business a lot more.
I didn’t come up for breath as I earned my first million. I was on a mission - laser focused, unswayable by all the people who tried to get me to give up my goals so they could feel better about theirs. Sounds harsh, but it’s true. Clarity frightens people.
So when you’re clear, you’re shining a big light on where others are not.
I had to learn this early on.

It takes balls. Truly.

It takes a deep and real connection to your reason why. I don’t believe in motivation. I believe that if you want something in your SOUL and you’re aligned with your vision, you don’t NEED motivation. So if you’re struggling with motivation, find what you REALLY wanna be doing. Find how it feels SO GOOD for you to serve our planet and people. That’s the fastest way to a million. It also takes you to know in your heart what your true money story is. I knew in my heart all the good I would do when I was free of my financial worries.
So regardless of the fact that many people around me had different money stories to me, I had to get clear on my own. And I’ve been able to impact a lot of lives because I learned this early on. Remember too, not everyone needs or wants to be a millionaire. Like I said, it’s not about the number... It’s about realizing that we can choose and the universe is there to invest in our dreams. It didn’t give us our visions if it didn’t have the resources for us too.
It all comes back to this:

  • Is this giving more to the planet than it ́s taking?
  • Is this giving more to the people than it ́s taking?
  • Does it feel like a ‘hell yeah’ in my soul?
peta kelly. millionaire mindset.png

I know you would agree with me when I say, spirituality is a huge pillar of business success. What are your top tips for us to up our game in this area?
- Honour life every day, first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. Honour father sky (the universe/God/the divine). Honour mother earth.
- Play. This is so so big. Play is key for creativity, connection and being tapped into our jeaniius. When we play, our tap is ON. And when our jeaniius tap is on, we’re the light we’re meant to be. Don’t ever underestimate the power and importance of PLAY!
- Prioritise a relationship with your soul. Your soul is your $1b business coach, health coach, everything coach. You can learn by reading my friend ́s book- meet your soul (Elisa Romeo) What life advice would you want to pass on to future generations? I honestly don’t think we need to give future generations the advice - they’re the ones bringing the advice and wisdom to earth. We’re just doing our best to make it more beautiful for them :)

Some quickfire Q’s...

What is the most awkward thing you’ve ever done?
Oh God, where do I begin? One is- almost spewing up with food poisoning while being the MC at my friend’s wedding in Bali!

Leaf vs Tesla? Tesla. I drive a Tesla so I can be closer to Nikola himself. What a badass.

Yoga or boxing? Hmmm. depends on the phase. Right now, yoga.

My favorite place on earth is... Fremantle, Western Australia :)

I am grateful for... Oh God, do you have 1000 pages for me? Everything. Another day to walk this earth. Having all needs divinely met. Having all resources to do what I’m called to do. Our nurturing mother earth. All of the incredibly loving people in my life. My husband. My family. Organic food. My doggies. My healthy body. Airplanes. Courageous people. Technology. Amazing people like you who are spreading good news....


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