It's just money honey

it's just money honey

It's just money honey!

Money is just money, it's all there is. Money is not good
and not bad, it's just money.

Humans choose to DO good or bad things with money.

Money is an energy exchange. Value for value, you deliver some kind of value with your work and therefore RECEIVE an adequate value in form of money back.

The way I see it is this;
Money is an amplifier, meaning that if you are an ashole you will probably be an even bigger ashole once you get wealthy.
If you are a good person then you will just be even more of that as you become wealthy.

Got it?

The more money people like us have the more good we can do!

I also don't buy into the concept that there is a limit to how much money is available to us on this earth. Think about it, it's an artificially created thing, printed on demand. There are more humans than ever on this planet, yet there seems to be no shortage of wealthy people, hello millennials!

Therefore it is not about you having to make, chase or somehow earn the damn money is it?

It's about you ALLOWING money to come to you, trusting in your own decisions AND having a purpose for it. Giving it a reason to flow in.

Regardless of how much or how little money you have in your account as in right now, you must setup the structures I am about to share with you. In fact if you are on the more broke end of the scale then even more so. Get your head out of the sand around the money stuff and start handling it like the damn queen you are!

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