Nap time warrior? Here are some time hacks for you

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I can't even remember all the things I was doing with my time, pre-baby.
Ha! Can you? 😂

If you are lucky, you have a mini who sleeps 2h stints during the day (I am so happy for you!) In my case it's more like 40min power naps... During this time we have to prioritise, take a shower and finally brush those teeth or clean and cook or maybe even work on the business...
Aaahhhhh, TIME'S UP!!! 

The struggle is real and I have some hacks for you to start implementing right away.


+ Hire a cleaner.
Let me do the math for you if you get help twice a month for 2h each time at $25 per hour (standard nz cleaning rate), That is $100 per month or $1,200 for the year. Can you see yourself making an extra $1,200 per year in your business if you had this extra time? Let the alone peace of mind? Pretty sure it's a yes, right?! 

+ Meal prep.
This is something I honestly suck at! I am more an in the moment kinda gal but when I do it it's amazing!!! I am also lucky to have a hubby who loves to cook. If you have tips on meal prepping, leave a comment below and let me know.

+ Keep your place as tidy as possible.
The less clutter, the less distraction, and anxiety = more focus.

Time hacks for mumpreneurs

+ Stay organized.
I like using a mix of Google Calendar and a pen and paper, Bullet Journal to help me stay focused on my business. Keep your to-do list small, try three tasks per day, in order of importance. Like #1 is a must, #2 and #3 are a bonus. Focus on the money-making activities instead of feeding that perfectionist in you! Write down your to-dos the evening before, so that you can dive right in when you have time coming up instead of spending 30minutes thinking about what to do first!!! 

+ Automate, automate, automate! 

+ Take it easy.
Surrender to the fact that you have a baby (or several) who do not work on your schedule, except that on some days you do more than on others and that is ok. Try to do one thing that moves the needle every day, that's it.

+ Say NO more often.
Say no when you mean no! Only commit to things you really want to say yes to.

+ Take time out.
Sometimes we need to slow down to speed up! Do something good for yourself, get outside, buy fresh flowers, take a nap... Clear your brain and thoughts.


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