No business idea? Read this!

What is my secret sauce?

You totally understand that an online business you love + automation + residual income is = the kind of freedom you are looking for in order to be a stay home mommy but also finance your dreams, desires and give the way you want to.

And in theory this all sounds great but you just don't have a good idea or anything to share with the world!

Lemmme tell you that you might just be looking in the wrong place!

Find your money making business idea

I absolutely 100% believe that each one of us has something to share or teach, usually it's the things that come to us so easily that we don't see them as valuable.


  • Ask your close friends to describe you in a sentence or two
  • What do people come to you for? (advice, tips, help with..)
  • If money was no object how would you like to spend your days?
  • A forest fairy stops by and offers you a complete new lifestyle! What do you ask for?
  • What are three random quirks of you?
  • What magazines to read? 
  • How does your perfect day look like? (read this article here)


Look, it's ok if you don't have answers just now. Simply start paying attention and take mental notes as you go about your life...