Recondition your mind using the Law Of Attraction | Angela Fareri

How to recondition the mind using law of attraction principles

Words by Angela Fareri

Hey Mama.
As your little ones are taking their first steps, allow it to teach you to take your first steps towards the life you have only dreamed of!

We live in a problem-focused world instead of a solution-focused world. I always knew I had more to offer this world but my vision was not clear until I searched within and reconditioned my mind.

7 years ago I experienced 2 miscarriages. I felt defeated and lost in an ocean with waves crashing on top of me. I was stubborn in my quest to find the problem and attack with a solution. I became obsessive about tracking the data and tried to control the "when" and "how" motherhood would be my reality. Being a typically positive woman, I knew something had to change, so with that came my personal journey with the law of attraction.

My husband felt the funk I was in, went on Amazon and ordered me a used book by Rhonda Byrne, "The Secret". I read that amazing book in days. I learned gratitude, optimism, and rebuilt my trust in higher power. My mindset shifted and chalked this up as my first personal development course.

I quickly became pregnant with my first son and held a successful pregnancy. My first son was born in 2012 and second son was born in 2014. You may be asking, "What is Law of Attraction"? It is one of the 12 Immutable Laws. It is simply like attracts like. The more positive thoughts you have, the more positive experiences you will have in your life.

Time passed as a new mama, wife, full-time Corporate worker, back in school taking online classes, and I did not feel fulfilled. I was becoming a drain rather than a fountain in my eyes. All of my personal development strategies were tucked away where I couldn't find them when I needed them the most. Things that lit me up, like reading, writing, crafting, and such I didn't make time for. I felt empty in the JOY department.

One day I had a major wake up call. The timing of the events that happen in our life is no coincidence. Your higher power hears you and feels your vibration you are putting into the world. I went to my primary doctor to get help on a pain in my hands and arms but he found another concern. I was told to get a biopsy on a lymph node. The word BIOPSY scared me to death!
I have a family and many years left in the world. I re-evaluated my daily routines. I changed my diet and my mindset drastically. I started listening to podcasts during my work commute to provide motivation and inspiration. One that deserves massive praise from me is Cathy Helers, "Don't Keep Your Day Job " where she showcases how creative people have made a living doing what they love. I would take mental and written notes of the guest's advice and strategies and started thinking how I could apply this to my life.
This was exactly what I needed at that point in my life.

Angela Fareri

During August 2017, during the McGregor and Mayweather fight, I started journaling and jotting down notes. Thoughts and ideas started flowing and flooding my paper. Purpose. Positivity. Perspective. These are the three P'd that represented me. This was my personal brand that I need to step into and share with the world. I quickly created a Facebook group called just this where we simply spread positive vibes and put a smile on others faces.

People joined, engaged, and a negative social media feed turned into a hopeful situation. As engagement increased, I got super clear on how I can build my personal brand, Mompreneur and still working full time. I just started somewhere.

I started hosting Vision Board Parties in my kitchen and posted consistently on social media. Finally, I took the leap of reaching out to a lawyer to make my business official. PPP Visions, LLC was formed and still making huge strives daily. Mama- please understand your craft does not need to be perfect before you put it out into the Universe. Run your cool ideas past your friends, co-workers and start talking about them. See what others are doing in your field because success leaves clues and you can be truly inspired!

I am honored to share some actionable items you can do TODAY to activate the law of attraction in your life:

  • Write out a Gratitude list. Give thanks for what you have in your life at this moment. The more you are thankful for now, you will receive more to be thankful for.
  • Create a Vision Board. Grab a few magazines, canvas board, glue, and scissors. Search on Pinterest & Magazines for specifics and print them out. Paste your photos of your desires to your board and pay attention to the way it makes you FEEL. Hang it around your home. Take a snapshot of it and store it as your phone/ computer background. Make sure to look at this often.
  • If you don't know what it is that you want to manifest in your life, simply ask yourself how you want to feel...?
  • Customize your own Affirmations. These are simple, yet powerful statements you declare out loud, in your head, or on paper. Examples: "I AM WORTHY" " I AM A POSITIVE ROLE MODEL" "I AM OPEN TO RECEIVING MIRACLES" "I AM LIVING IN MY PURPOSE".
  • What we focus on expands so please take time to do these exercises. Your mind will always believe what you tell it. Feed it with faith. Feed it with the truth. Feed it with love!

Angela xx