A Rockbottom Story is not required to create a Success Story

sabrina weber, lifestyle coach nz

Hey gurl, so I just randomly looked through my own about page again for the first time in a while, and the opening sentence I used on there sparked the need to dive in a little deeper on this topic.

Here is what it says;
”Ready to do life & business in a way that empowers you and is driven by soul? If you hit the about tab to read up on my ‘rockbottom’ story, sorry I don’t really have one. Have I face-planted heaps? Hell yes! But that’s not why I am here with you right now and it’s kinda not relevant…”

Look, if you do have an incredible and inspiring transformation story then by all means I am super fucking proud of you and will be your first cheerleader when it comes to you sharing your new knowledge with the world.

if you don’t have that.
If all you have is your life long lessons,
small and big milestones along the way that’s cool too.

For you lovely, it’s not about sharing some crazy transformation.
No, it’s about you finally claiming the GIFT you have been born with!

That one thing that comes so easily to you, you don’t even see it as anything special at all.
THAT IS precisely the thing we are looking for.

I am going to share with you what that looks like for me, with the hopes that something might click or resonate within you too if you are still ‘searching’ for that thing…

It turns out I am an ACTIVATOR OF GIFTS.
I literally can’t walk through the streets without seeing opportunities - one day I might share with you the crazy story of creating a little skate park for the kids of a small community I used to live in, let me just say it was a mission for sure! - or meet someone without seeing her or his highest self.
It’s a beautiful thing you know…
But it also took me years of accepting that I can only hint and encourage people to see the same in themselves and learning to only share my thoughts if I am asked for it, these days people even love to pay me for that of course ☺️

Then there is my gift of CLAIRCOGNIZANCE, the ability of just kinda knowing things. Like the one time we drove up a deserted gravel road to a mountain top only to then have a flat tire and no spear and honestly as we drove I kinda had that feeling, you know. I was not at all surprised! Or thinking I should kick out the cat she might spew…a minute later she was sick all over the white couch!! I could give you plenty more examples of this, it’s crazy!

If you have these or similar, non tangible gifts too.
Then I want you to know this:
Your soulmate clients will hire you for your energy. ✨
People love to pay you just to be in your presence and tap into what you have. I struggled with this for years because truth is, I make people’s lives more fucking magical by KNOWING things, being in an elevated vortex when they work with me and that’s not “tangible” but those who are clients/students agree. Crazy awesome shit happens to them as soon as they say yes & before we even actually start.

So please stop looking for stories that aren’t relevant and instead just fucking own what you have and run with it!
Those who matter will ‘get it’.

Leave me a comment, what are your gifts that you know of?