Should I let my baby self-soothe?

should my baby self soothe?

New mothers are often told that once they’ve fed, burped, and changed their baby they should leave their baby alone to self-soothe if they cry because all of their needs have been met.

One day I hope all mothers will smile confidently and say,

“I gave birth to a baby, not just a digestive system. My baby has a brain that needs to learn trust and a heart that needs love. I will meet all of my baby’s needs, emotional, mental, and physical. I will respond to every cry because crying is communication, not manipulation.”

Words by @lrknost

I stumbled upon these beautiful words by L.R Knost, over on Instagram and feel like this is a message that needs to be shared.

Let's empower each other to be more intuitive and parent in a way that feels right to us instead of what we are told by generations who have simply done what was modeld to them.