Stop making it so hard for yourself!

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Who said that being an entrepreneur needs to be hard?!
Who said that being a lightworker and getting paid to help and inspire others needs to be hard?!

Really, think about it.
Perhaps somewhere along your path of going into business on your own, opening that coaching practice or listing that first product… someone might have said to you that, this is going to be really hard.

That not many people make good money from being creative.
That you must work really hard to get by.
That you should not charge much money for your services because you are meant to help others.

And let me guess; it does feel hard right now.
Why?? Because you chose for it to be by believing those statements.

Have you ever actually stopped and asked yourself if such statements are actually the truth for you?
Just because they might be true for that person who said it to you, does not mean they have to be your truth at all!

What if you just chose a new truth for yourself? Right now.

What would you say?
If it was as simple as releasing the need of struggling.
If you could choose how long it takes for you to get to that next level.
If you could just give that damn permission and approval to yourself, today.
If there was no such thing as suddenly being good enough or having struggled enough that now, you magically receive a diploma from the universe saying you made it.

What if it was just a choice you make right now?

I choose to believe that doing business from soul and alignment is easy, in fact it’s so joyful to me that I want to do the work every day and almost feel uneasy if I don’t.

Being of service and acting on intuition is what brings me more and more money each day from all areas.

The incredible soulmate clients I am attracting with ease are happy and able to pay for my offers and products no matter the price tag, knowing they will receive amazing outcomes.

Since I have made a conscious decision to step into my queen archetype and act from a place of pure alignment and intuition, everything has fallen into place with great ease and joy.

Now it’s your turn.
Which pill do you choose??

I made a beautiful list of 50 affirmations that will get you going if you choose to step into alignment as well.

How to make more money as a coach

50 Affirmations

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