Stop pretending that you are just human!

Breaking the glass ceiling

You are doing incredible work, you know that and the people around you know that too.

You are so fucking dedicated to this whole entrepreneurship that it’s all go, go, go.
Sleep is for the weak, right?!

You are making some cash here and there,

you even get recognition in your industry for your brilliance.

Your calendar is full,

your life is structured and it works for you.


The thing is tho, your soul is screaming for attention isn’t she?

You’ve become pretty damn good at shutting her down because you need to focus on creating this successful business of yours, no time to spear for silly woo woo stuff.
After all, you are not the kind of person who sits around praying for success.

But then there is this feeling, that subtle nagging within that tells you something is missing…

You are doing your best to seek solutions, you might have even considered yoga classes or meditation.

Look, the cold hard truth here is this:

You can’t achieve new results by doing what you’ve always done.

Will you make more money? Yes.

Will you be happy? Maybe

Will you live to your fullest potential? Nope!

I said it before and I am going to say it again, you can not meditate or yoga away your ignorance to spirit (full stop).

What is the worst that could happen if you tried a more soul led, intuitive approach to life and business?

Would you give it a go for 30 days?

Truth is, being spiritual or mindful or woo woo (call it whatever) is not something that some of us are and others are not.

No, we all are spiritual beings having a human experience and I know that you know that. So stop being so ignorant, stop trying to figure it all out and start activating or should I say, remember the incredible super powers you have been given access to as a birthright.

Just look at how far you’ve come already by only using half of your tools!! It’s as if you would consciously choose not to use your legs even this you have them!! Crazy right?

Now imaging what else could be possible if you allowed for it…

Live boldly, Sabrina.