The one thing you must own for an effortless classy look!


There is one item in my wardrobe that I am religiously replacing every time it reaches the end of its lifespan.

Yup, you guessed it! My beloved Classic White Superga sneakers. Not only are they the most comfortable sneakers I've ever worn, closely followed by Vans of course. But what I love most about this simple canvas sneaker is how effortlessly it turns any random outfit into something that looks like I actually thought it through! | Ha!

how to look effortlessly classy.png

As a mommy and business owner, there are more meaningful things to think about than what to wear, owning a pair of Classic White Supergas will just make your life so much easier and buy you time to spend on more important things like where the f*** are my keys?! 

Oh, and did I mention they come in mini as well?!
Hello #twinning !

The sneaker every mama needs to own!


P.s. The image is from @superga_australia