What is missing in your biz right now?

Why am I not successful yet?

You don’t have enough followers on Instagram.

You don’t look successful enough.

You don’t have the right team members or VA.

You don’t have the money.

You don’t know enough.

You’re not there yet.

On and on and on she goes. Your freakin FEAR MIND!

When are you going to shut her face?! And decide that enough is enough and you in fact DO have all that you need and know all that you need to know, RIGHT NOW.

You will never just get there, we are evolving, right? Meaning you will always have new things, projects and desires to aim for.
No one is going to one day knock on your pretty little door with your pretty little flowers n front of it and say; “Hi there. I am so pleased to hand you the diploma of all the readiness. You earned it, you worked so hard and now you can have it all, you can go and frame it and hang it next to your family photos in the hall.


You have to just freaking decide that it’s your time to shine and be unapologetic about it.

The thing your business is missing is YOU, your essence, your magic, your chaos, you.

The problem is that
you think there is a problem!

If you weren’t scared, what would you be doing differently?


Oh and one more thing, did you see my 1:1 high end program structure has changed? You guys asked for it, I listened.