What to do if Manifestation doesn't work?

What to do if manifestation doesn't work?

Ok so, you are reading all the things, you watched The Secret, you binge on Youtube stuff and you are doing the work. Or so it seems but still, no damn results!

So frustrating right?!

But look, chances are that it is one or a combination of the things below that is stopping you from receiving. And you can turn this around right away.

Here is what I have found to be the ‘issue’ from personal experience.

  1. You might not be clear enough in what you ask for. Think about it, you can’t send your kid to the store to buy dinner, then be surprised or frustrated if he returns with a bunch of toys and chocolate bars, when actually you were hoping for tomatoes, pasta and black olives. Yeeeehhh? You’ve got to be clear!

  2. Release that shit. This might be the single most common reason and something I often get trapped in too. You will need to let go, the more you are nervously checking in the more you are not trusting and coming from a fear and lack mindset which is only pushing away what you want to bring in!

  3. Is what you want to manifest an actual soul desire? Or do you think you need that thing because person X said so or you believe that once you have X you will finally be free, rich, successful, pretty or whatever? Again, this means you might be acting out of fear vs from alignment. Check in with yourself and see what is true for you…

  4. Tune into the correct frequency. Is your energy on point with what you want to call in? You must get your vibes aligned, like tuning into the right radio frequency to listen to the station you want.

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