Why the Slow Living movement is everything, especially if you are a mama

The art of slow living

#slowliving such a buzz word right now, last time I checked, Instagram had a staggering 1,119,696 posts on it!

Look, I don't need a psychology degree to see that the way the majority of us are currently living is nothing short of crazy. Piling consumer debt, always thinking of the things we don't yet have instead of appreciating what we do have and spending more time worrying what others think than pleasing ourselves, seem to be the norm. 

Sam and I made a conscious decision ten years ago when we decided to leave the hustle of career-driven Switzerland and embrace the quietness of New Zealand. Lots has changed in this time and New Zealand is catching up to the madness too, for sure. But over these years we have become very settled in our way of doing life and it feels amazing.

A slow living lifestyle does not have to be all French-linen, shades of nude and home-baked bread. Although these are nice things!


slow living.png

How can I start living slower?

There is no right or wrong way to live is there? It needs to work for you and your family, there is no overnight fix either. It is a lifestyle change that happens over time, slowly and with intention.

At the core of it, it's really about spending your time and money on making memories instead of accumulating things. Embracing a more minimalist lifestyle.
So here is a challenge for you; go on and do a really good declutter of your life. That includes your material possessions as well as toxic people you surround yourself with, only hang on to the things and people that add meaning, joy, pleasure to your life. As a next step from here onward, only buy things that bring you meaning, joy, pleasure, go for quality over quantity, think about sustainability and impact. And on a deeper level, practice spending time with yourself!
Many of us are uncomfortable with stillness and therefore keep 'busy' with stuff...

I really think that the single best thing we can do for our children is to be present. Taking the time to explore with them, make memories and really listen to them, while we let ourselves be guided by our own intuition.


How good would it feel if you had your life 'simplified' to the point where you do not have to spend 50h a week earning money to buy things you don't need and impress people you don't like?! And instead, have income streams that feel joyful and add meaning to your life so that you can spend your precious time with those who matter to you the most. After all NOW is all we'll ever have, right?

Alan Watts says; the meaning of life is simply to be alive. I'd like to add that it's about feeling good. So, as you walk through life from here on, keep checking in with yourself and ask that one simple question; does that make me feel good? If not, you'll know what to do.

For some extra inspiration look into the 'Hygge' way of living.