You aren't just doing it for the money, are you?

The money mindset shift every coach needs to go through! - Sabrina Weber

Why do we even still have this conversation?

I am starting to feel like a broken record when I keep saying that yes, money is not everything but it does get you pretty fucking far!

Just for one hot sec, how many people can you think of right now who are having a major positive impact in this world and are broke at the same time? ________ none? Yeah, I can’t think of anyone either.

You have entered this human life with a gift to share.
The intention is - and always was - for you to use that gift to create ripples, bigger, and bigger, and bigger until there is massive impact, you know. And by doing so you shall be rewarded just as generously, it’s a universal law. Why are you even thinking that you have the right or power to manipulate this?

Why do you for those moments of joy, abundance, and wins feel like you have to somehow justify them - as if it was something bad??

And why don’t you just freakin’ own the fact that yes, you have indeed tapped into something bigger for those pockets of time?
You were in the Vortex.
You followed Soul.
You allowed ease and flow.
You trusted.

Even if it was just for a moment in time.

[Journal Prompt]
What would be if you chose to make this your #normal state of being?
Could you handle it?

Being happy all the time?
Radiating from the inside?
Spreading hope, joy, and love?
People saying things like “she’s on another planet, isn’t she?!

Don’t you think that finally allowing money to be the form of exchange for your brilliance and much-needed impact would feel good?

Money isn’t good or bad.
Money is just numbered paper, printed on demand.

It’s what people choose to use it for that can be good or bad. Yeah?

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Next time when you try to ‘justify your ass’ by saying that,
it’s not about the money for you.
You just want to help others.
You don’t feel like you can charge for your service because helping should be free…

Then just ask yourself how on earth will you





save the planet,

by being broke yourself?

Take life in your own hands and fucking live it!
Sabrina xx


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