What version of you will you have to embody for success?

How to become your best self

First and foremost I need you to give yourself permission to change. 

I say it again, give yourself permission to change.

You are allowed to change!

You know those women you look up to and secretly wish you could be like them...? 

Dress like her - have her charisma and confidence - be as successful as her - be the perfect mum or wife - have her mindset and trust in the good. Ahhhh the list goes on, right?! 

Believe it or not, 90% of it is just about you making a decision.

Deciding for yourself that this is how you are going to be from now on and then implement this choice on the daily. Sounds easy enough right? The reason it seems too difficult is that we are usually not clear enough what this 'new me' actually looks like in great detail.

I've come up with some prompts for you to journal on before you take any further action.

The 8 questions you must ask yourself if you want success in life and business! Via www.highvibemommy.co

Clarity is key. Bonus tip: write your thoughts down on real paper, the act of writing will help you memorize and calling these things into your reality. 


||  Who is this woman you so desire to be? It might help to start a secret Pinterest board that brings this into a visual perspective. Have fun with it.


||  How does she spend her days? When does she get up and what is the first thing she does? Is she working? If yes, what, when, where and who with?


||  Does she have a husband and or children? How does she think about them? How does she interact with them? How does she handle conflicts? 


||  What is her relationship to herself? What does she do to feel and look beautiful, vibrant, sexy? What are her priorities? 


||  How does she eat? Where does she shop for food? How does she think about food? 


||  Is she a business owner? How does she communicate with clients and or staff? How is she handling the pressure? What is her mindset around success? Would she invest in her business? How is she handling cash-flow? Does she have mentors and or partners?


||  What are her thoughts on money?  Does she feel secure in her finances? What are her thoughts when spending or receiving money? How does she shop? Where are her priorities? Does she have a savings account? 


||  How does she dress, talk and walk? What house does she live in? What is the interior like? Where is it located? Who else lives there? 


Answering these questions and maybe going even deeper will take a while, maybe even a few days, that's ok. Allow yourself to ponder and daydream. Really painting that mental picture of her until you can almost see her as a real person in front of you. 


Bring her into your meditation or visualisation practices. Connect with her and bring her to live. 

Now, start right away by implementing the things that you can, today. You may not be able to go out and buy that new car or change your career right away. BUT you might be able to start treating your own body the way she would, or make those healthy meals your new normal and next time you pay a bill ask yourself how would she feel doing that? Instead of allowing the 'old' feelings of fear and lack coming up... 

Do day by day, week by week what you can to slowly merge with 'her' and before you know it,

SHE IS YOU. you are her!

This is an extremely powerful way to bring your best self to live!

I hope you will allow yourself the time to go through this exercise and start taking action right away, you deserve to be the best version of yourself!