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it’s the daily actions and habits that count the most

Manifesting isn’t some crazy woo woo thing, it’s a skill we all have within us. But like a muscle it needs to be trained and used to be toned! And just like a muscle, will be strong and toned the more you are training it - there is literally no other option - your mindset and manifestation game will get stronger and stronger the more you do the damn work.

It takes 21 days to implement new habits which is why I created this 21-day smackdown for you. Daily bite sized implementation on the go for $2.00 a day! 💞

We will be diving into #allthethings in order to raise your vibrational frequency to where it’s a match with what you are calling in. This includes your mindset, environment, current habits and much more…

How it works:
You will receive an email from me every single day for the 21 days.
Each daily message will vary, there are audios and sometimes simple journaling prompts, all designed to help you connect with your higher self and transform ALL areas of your life. I am pulling nuggets of wisdom from my knowledge as a holistic health coach back in the day as well as my experience when it comes to manifestation and success mindset.

Your daily time investment is of course up to you but with 15 to 20 minutes you are in the game!

This incredible transformation bundle is yours for $42.00 ($2/day)!
Now, you could of course spend the $42 on some cheap sunnies or a membership that gets you nowhere… OR, you could say yes to soul and follow your intuition that has brought you here in the first place.

Guys, she’s brilliant! Sabrina strips it back into easy and quick sound bites and has great journaling prompts to take you on a deeper dive.
— Sarah Byrne
manifest more

Wait, there is more!
I know for a fact that this work will bring up shit and I want you to feel fully supported, which is why you are also getting unlimited access to my Voxer during these 21 days!
This incredible Bonus alone is worth way more than the entire investment of this course.


21 days of soul shifting starts right here!

Who is this for?
Well, I tend to attract and surround myself with the high vibe, spiritually awake women who take success as their only option across the board.
This smackdown is for the soul-driven boss babes and busy mums alike. The common ground for all of us is that we know there is more available and we are ready to draw the line in the sand and finally claim what is rightfully ours! $2 a day, what are you waiting for, gurl?

Better together.
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Hello Sabrina!!!
I’m loving the content. Continually pushing me to go that bit deeper in my journaling. I love how it makes me look at the harder aspects as well.
The meditation was great and I will listen to it again tonight.

Am realizing how I’m on the verge of a mindset shift.
— Frauke Kasper