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Women supporting women

Dear beautiful woman, thank you for being in my world right now.
You might have been here a bunch of times or you might have just found me, yeiii! I am stoked our souls are finally reunited.

I want to speak to the 'queen' in you for a sec...
The woman who knows what she wants
The woman who is unavailable for drama
The woman who values freedom & impact
The woman who has passion and fierce love
The woman who takes success as her only option
The woman who says YES to life and all that it takes

I see you, I am you and I made it my business to support you as you are stepping into that true light and purposeful life you know is available to you.

you are feeling the pull to work with me on a deeper more exclusive level. let’s do it!

This is by application only. I need you to answer a few quick questions in the form below, from there we will create a fully customised program just for you.

Besides being the most knowledgeable mentor I’ve ever had, Sabrina is kind and patient beyond words. I sincerely value the abundance and confidence her wisdom has sparked in my life. As someone who naturally defaults to introversion and people-pleasing tendencies, I have steadily watched my life transform through Sabrina’s votes of confidence and support. She is as authentic as they come and I am eternally appreciative!
— Sameena Nadaf

Sabrina provided so much more than just the traditional business mentoring and I can’t thank her enough for having such a positive impact on my direction. Sabrina mentored me through my fears and anxiety of moving forward in my business and leaping into my own business full-time I have never looked back. In less than the 8 weeks, Sabrina helped me optimize my website’s key messages call’s to action, redesigned my service portfolio and encouraged me to value my services. I never expected to achieve so much in such a short space of time.
— Justine Laidlaw

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