1-Day intensive

one day intensive with sabrina weber,  Hawaii

you can have it all!

One full day of magic, you & me


picture this:

You are about to go to bed after a day of guided preparing and aligning your thoughts, body and environment for the big day. You are feeling content, supported, satisfied, deeply connected to your dreams, your cells are literally bursting of excitement for the next morning!
You sleep deeply and restfully.

The morning of our big day starts with intention and the most nourishing selection of body fuel. It’s just you and this sense of infinite possibilities in the air as you make your way to our agreed location.
We are about to meet in person at the most beautiful, luxurious, high vibe destination that I have selected just for you…

After some chit chat and soaking in each others energy, recognizing the soul connection we already have, we are now diving into some deep, deep soul work. We are about to unleash your purpose work, reprogram your believes and identify the aligned action for you to take in order to move mountains and get your message out there.

A colourful and healthy lunch is breaking up the day and allowing for some much needed leg stretching.

This is a 360℃ immersion into your life as a soul-driven leader, you realise that you not only CAN have it all but you actually MUST have it all in order to fully open those floodgates to abundance in ALL areas of your life.
You recognise the true power that is within you as a born messenger, choosing to not share your gift would be a disservice to the world.

We are closing the day with hearts wide open, energised by the magic that just went down, excited for what’s to come. You have claimed your spot, you remembered who you are and you are now in your Queen energy.

It’s time isn’t it?
This is the moment you will look back on, remembering as the turning point where you finally said YES to soul!

From here you have two choices; you can pretend you never heard this calling and carry on with your life as usual. Or, you can SAY YES TO SOUL, take a leap of faith and choose to follow your intuition RIGHT NOW. Knowing that what is meant for you will present itself, remember that if you take 1 step in the for you aligned direction, the universe will take 10 steps for you! But YOU have to make the start.

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Sabrina, you are such a special combo of safe space and rocketship to the stars.. knowing you makes me feel less alone, less crazy, and ever-more inspired.
— Jenna S.
A spa day for the soul!
— Abbie M
Sabrina is easy-going, drama free, and good at getting shit done. The first time I met her in person it was like we’d already known each other for ages. I feel like I can tell her anything and won’t be judged. If I need someone to have my back on my business journey, she’s there.
— Korynn E.